Backdating a Housing Benefit Claim overview

If you are under “Pension Credit age” and you ask for a Housing Benefit claim to be “backdated” this can only be allowed for up to one calendar month from the date you ask for it. A backdate is when you haven’t claimed in time and you want the Housing Benefit office to pay your Housing benefit from an earlier date. If you are under “Pension Credit age” you have to show that you had a very good reason for not claiming earlier. This new rule came in from April 2016, before that a backdate could be for up to six months.If you are a Manchester City Council resident you can claim Housing Benefit here For Trafford residents see here

If you are making your new claim because your previous claim was terminated, it is worth checking to see whether you can challenge the decision to end your previous claim. If your previous claim can be reinstated, there will be no gap in entitlement. Contact the Financial Inclusion Team on 0300 111 000 or 0800 633 5500 for advice.

If you are “Pension Credit age” you can still request a backdate of up to 3 months.