• Are you looking to return to work but don't know how?
  • Does the thought of working worry you, but feel you should try something?
  • Applying for loads of jobs, but not hearing back or don't have enough experience?

If you answered yes to any of these, our Internships could be the answer.

What is an internship?

It is a fully supported work place experience, to help you build skills and confidence to help you get a job or introduction to working. There are loads of areas available including administration, cleaning, warehouse, retail and catering. As an intern you will be hands on, to learn what it is like to work in your chosen area, which can be put onto your CV (which we help you to update) and used as a reference.

Don't know if it's for you? That's fine. We understand returning to work can be daunting, which is why there is so much wrap about support. This includes confidence building, interview skills, English, Maths, IT and general support if you wish to take it up.


Here’s what other Wythenshawe residents who accessed support have to say:


Marie's Story

Marie was unemployed for 7 years before starting with the group

“I needed a job, I was only getting JSA of which £24 was for bedroom tax. I qualified for discretionary payment so it went down to £12, but I was really struggling. I couldn’t afford my gas and my family were helping out as much as they could.

"Since working, I have got my independence back. Being in work has made a huge difference to my life and helped me in so many ways, especially being able to stand on my own two feet.”


Samantha (Housing)

“Since starting on the Welfare Reform Team, I have been made to feel like part of the family. It has been a real eye opener working with this team, as I get to see how tenants are coping with the changes that have been put in place.

“The team are very helpful and are always involving me in new challenges. I really enjoy being a trainee for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. It has been an amazing experience so far.”


Michael (Mobile Cleaning)

"I think this programme/experience is very helpful for people like me, who haven't got that much on the job training. It's very helpful and will make changes to people’s lives.”


Caroline (Business Administration)

“I now have work experience, have been on numerous courses and got more confidence. I can take all this with me to get myself out there in the future. Other than my kids it is the second best thing I’ve done in my life.”