Wythenshawe Futures

The WCHG Futures Programme specifically targets those needing a stepping stone to start work, providing the experience and support needed to break down the barriers to employment of poor work history, confidence and training.

The programme offers:

  • Employability skills and interview preparation
  • On the job training with no experience required to take part
  • Full time employment and benefits of being a WCHG colleague
  • Package of qualifications up to level 2
  • Intensive support to find alternative employment towards end of placement
  • Professional development opportunities for staff to act as mentors, leaders or interviewers
  • 87 people have completed placements successfully since 2011
  • 85% have gone into sustained employment (as defined by DWP guidelines: 13-26 weeks). 17% of these roles are within WCHG, 83% are with other employers

For more information about Wythenshawe Futures, please contact 0161 946 1056 or email realopportunities@wchg.org.uk

Marie's Story (Street Cleaning)

Marie was unemployed for 7 years before starting with the group.

“I needed a job, I was only getting JSA of which £24 was for bedroom tax. I qualified for discretionary payment so it went down to £12, but I was really struggling. I couldn’t afford my gas and my family were helping out as much as they could.

"Since working, I have got my independence back. Being in work has made a huge difference to my life and helped me in so many ways, especially being able to stand on my own two feet.”

Rebecca (Administration)

"Before I became part of the Futures scheme at WCHG I was out of work for nearly 5 years from leaving school. I saw the advertisement of a futures job and decided to apply for it as I had no experience in a work environment and it offered a chance for me to gain a qualification alongside gaining experience in a workplace.

It has made a great difference to my life as I was suffering with mental health issues and low confidence and being part of the futures scheme helped me to boost my confidence and improve my mental health for the better!".

Michael (Mobile Cleaning)

"I think this programme/experience is very helpful for people like me, who haven't got that much on the job training. It's very helpful and will make changes to people’s lives.”

Samantha (Housing)

“Since starting on the Welfare Reform Team, I have been made to feel like part of the family. It has been a real eye opener working with this team, as I get to see how tenants are coping with the changes that have been put in place.

“The team are very helpful and are always involving me in new challenges. I really enjoy being a trainee for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. It has been an amazing experience so far.”

Caroline (Administration)

“I now have work experience, have been on numerous courses and got more confidence. I can take all this with me to get myself out there in the future. Other than my kids it is the second best thing I’ve done in my life.”