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  Social Impact Report 2020
 Manchester Sports Awards
Wythenshawe Games won the #OurManchester Award, for making Manchester a great city to live and work, at the 2019 Manchester Sports Awards.
“It is a privilege to work on Wythenshawe Games. The fantastic feedback we get from local people is so motivating. We will continually strive to improve the Games year on year”.
Organiser Lou Englefield from Pride Sports
Real Food Wythenshawe
Real Food Wythenshawe delivers exciting and engaging activities to encourage people to grow, cook and eat their own food.
The Green Doctor: Food growing activities with an emphasis on enjoying nature, the seasons and the company of others and include opportunities to develop new friendships, increase support networks and build confidence.
people have changed their food habits
people volunteered 1,314 hours
people attended Green Doctor sessions
people attended Cooking with Confidence sessions
Cooking with Confidence: The Real Food Kitchen gives people the opportunity to sample free low cost, healthy food and collect recipes to make the dishes at home.
people reported feeling less lonely or isolated
people reported feeling happier

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