Service Update

At this current time our receptions remain closed, we will review the reopening in line with government guidelines over the coming weeks.

The next stage of the Government’s Roadmap out of Lockdown England takes place on the 29th March 2021 with more restrictions due to be lifted on 12th April and then every five weeks - as long as targets for beating coronavirus continue to be met.

For more information and detailed guidance on how this affects you please visit: GOV.UK (

We want to assure you we are taking our role in protecting you, our residents, our employees and the wider community very seriously and we continue to review the way in which we deliver our services, on an day by day basis based on the latest guidelines and Government instructions.

Please see below a detailed update on our services.


Wythenshawe Works

Repairs Service

During the national lockdown we will be prioritising emergency and urgent repairs. Don’t forget to can book a job via our WCHG app, which has a full diagnostic tool to aid you through the booking process.

In the event of an emergency repair please report this to us in the usual way via our contact centre on 0800 633 5500 or 0300 111 0000.

In order to keep the phone lines free for emergency calls we would ask that you consider emailing in any non-urgent repairs to or via our App, website, Facebook and Twitter pages. These will be logged and when there is availability, contact will be made to arrange an appointment at a later time in line with the Government’s guidance.

Before we conduct any repair or visit we will call you to check on your current health and wellbeing, this is to ensure the safety of our operatives who may attend multiple properties in a day. All staff visiting are following enhanced cleaning procedures and will not be sent to a property if they show any signs of illness.


Concessionary Gardening

We wrote to customers who receive this service in June advising that we could not confirm if and when we would be able to resume the service and if possible to make your own gardening arrangements.

For those customers who have managed to make other arrangements we would like to thank you for ensuring the garden has been kept presentable.  We ask that these arrangements continue whilst we continue to focus our resources on essential services as a community landlord.

From October to December 2020, we are planning to deliver a single visit to cut back any gardens where customers have not been able to make alternative arrangements and the garden has become overgrown.

In late 2020, we will write to you again with a further update on what level of service we will be able to offer for the 2021 year and when those services will commence.


Wythenshawe Works Programmed Roofing

Our roofing renewal programme restarted 1st June with small team of roofers in line with restrictions imposed by social distancing requirements.


Grass Cutting Service / Cleaning

We have carried out three grass cutting cycles this season with an average cutting cycle of 16.3 days.

Cleaning services have continued to all common areas of our schemes with enhanced routines in place to focus upon handles and key touch points being cleansed.

Communal grounds and service charge services continue in line with demand, all planned visits to be undertaken. 13 visits expected between April and the end of September, then 4 between October and March.

Investment Works

Fire safety works restarted in June at several blocks to continue sprinklers, alarms etc. Heating works have been increased to clear deferred installations and external work stream are being gradually re-introduced, with fencing and pathways resumed in June, and External Painting and Roofing works restarting in July.


Housing & Community Investment

Tenancy Management

Our Tenancy Management Team have been offering a digital service throughout the lockdown period and our Allocations Team have been carrying out digital lets.



Focus groups and engagement have been ongoing throughout the lockdown period with Remote Tenant Committee meetings established and tenants attending board meetings. If you would like to get involved at WCHG you can find out more by emailing or visiting the 'Get Involved' section of this website.


Communities Centres

Benchill - The centre continues to offer remote service provision at this time. The Caretaking team went back on Monday 22nd June to deep clean and set up the floor and wall markings for the social distancing measures for visitors and set up sanitisation stations at various points throughout the building.

Lifestyle Centre - A digital menu of online services has been provided for the community to continue engagement with customers during the lockdown. The Styles Café has produced essential hot cooked meals for the community and 25 identified vulnerable adults. The Caretaking team returned to work on the 15th June to support the decluttering and removal of furniture and wall coverings to support the quick turnaround of refurbishment works. Volunteers have also been supporting the distribution of food to the community which will cease at end of July 2020.


Employment Service

WCHG's employment service has linked with the financial inclusion and tenancy teams throughout the lockdown to help support tenants who have been impacted by the economic impact of Covid19.


Children & Young People

WCHG’s Youth Team has supported young people across in Wythenshawe in a number of different ways. From engaging through daily ‘check ins’ to running a confidential phone line between 11 and 7pm every day and creating a weekly e-newsletter packed with practical activities and places to get advice and support.

During the lockdown the team took part in Manchester City Council ASK campaign, engaging in “Protective Youth Work” across Wythenshawe. Where in groups of 3, they carried out street-based work with the aim of supporting young people in crisis, providing key information and signposting them, whilst also encouraging social distancing and the recommended quarantine measures.

Since March 2020 they have delivered over 200 Hours of “Protective Youth Work” and engaged with 170 young people. They have also collected information on how the current situation is impacting young people in the area and what worries they may have about their future, which will help inform WCHG programmes going forward.

This has now been replaced by “Detached Youth Work” - which aims to build relationships with young people in a street-based capacity, as opposed to its primary goal being Covid-19 related with short interactions with young people to promote safety and well-being.


Assure24 / ASB 

The multi-agency Wythenshawe Integrated Neighbourhood Service (WINS) continues to operate and meet remotely to review and progress complex cases. Most ASB services have been done remotely while Assure 24 continues to operate the control room 24/7, using social distancing measures and responding on a reactive basis.

Tenancy Support Team

Currently we are delivering no face-to-face support but but please contact us to find out how you can access this service online.



Volunteering is currently being delivered online via a telephony buddy system as is open to all tenants and residents. The volunteering team will also take over the vulnerable calls from housing colleagues for the tenants who still require regular contact. If you would like to get involved in the Real Neighbours Buddy scheme please email to find out more.


Emergency Food

The Current approach has included:

  • Closure of foodbank centres to a more centralised approach from the Unit E which has worked well throughout the lockdown.
  • They have Distributed to 1240 people (562 children), which equates to just over 11,000 food parcel meals distributed.
  • Almost 7tns of food have been donated, with a significant amount of cash (around £30,000).


Money Mentors/Financial Inclusion Team

Tenancy Management Coordinator (TMC) are booking prospective tenants into for Money Health Check telephone appointments with the Money Mentor (MM) & Financial Inclusion Officer (FIO) . They have continued to offer telephone advice to tenants with benefit or budgeting problem throughout the lockdown.


Office Closure

Until further notice our receptions and offices will remain closed until we can provide a safe environment for both our customers and staff. This includes:

  • Wythenshawe House, 8 Poundswick Lane, Wythenshawe, M22 9TA;
  • Parkway Green House, 460 Palatine Road, Wythenshawe, M22 4DJ;
  • Enterprise Centre, 34 Benchill Road, Wythenshawe, M22 8LF (Public reception will be closed, individual businesses to remain open).


This page was updated on 3/01/2021. Please continue to check back for latest updates on our services.