Looking to the Future

Parkway Green has been investing in the future of the community by hosting a 'Job Search Skills Events' for a local school at their head office.

Pupils from the Manchester Health Academy (MHA) were the latest participants in the Businesses Working with Wythenshawe (BW3), Job Search Skills programme.

Those who attended learnt a range of skills that will help them to access employment, training and further education in the future. There was guidance on how to look for a job, complete application forms, create a CV and present yourself for an interview before having a mock interview of their own.

Students were able to meet a range of business experts from local organisations including; Willow Park Housing Trust, Manchester Airport, Manchester City Council, Microsoft and many more.

Before the event only 70% of students were confident they could present themselves and their skills to an employer. After the event 95% were confident or very confident they could do this.

One student commented, "I learnt about CVs and how to present myself and the mock interview made me realise how important interviews are".

Mrs Susan Foster, the Academy Partnership Manager said, ""Meeting new people for the first time is a daunting task for any student and there will  always be a need for external support to enhance what is available in schools.   Without the knowledge, skills and support from BW3 each year on the Mock Interview events, our students would be missing out on vital skills that they need to go out into the World of Work or into FE colleges.  The feedback they are given after the event seems to make them "Grow up" and they realise that they have to think about their futures more seriously".

Employment and Skills Development Manager at Parkway Green and Willow Park Housing Trusts, Victoria McDowell said, "This is a great opportunity for us to get involved with our local communities and help young people take their first steps towards gaining employment and developing their skills. A huge thankyou to everyone who was involved in making the event such a big success."

For further information on the BW3 Group please contact Employment and Skills development manager at Willow Park and Parkway Green Victoria McDowell on 0161 946 6351  or email v.mcDowell@parkwaygreen.co.uk.