PGYP Sets Targets for the Future

PGYP, Parkway Green’s Youth Panel, continue to play a major part in shaping the future of Wythenshawe.

PGYP now has 14 members, including a committee with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who are responsible for the management and direction of the group, and since they formed in late 2010 have continued to go from strength to strength.

PGYP have developed their own branding and logos, whilst working on several projects such as local volunteering and the Wythenshawe Park Play Area Consultation and the Wythenshawe Games

The group recently went on their annual weekend residential trip to Boreatton Park, Shropshire, where they used the weekend to plan their priorities for next year, which are:

  • Improve perceptions of young people
  • Increase intergenerational activity
  • Community regeneration.

Resident Involvement Manager at Parkway Green Dean Slavin said, "The weekend was a massive success and everyone involved had a great time. We got lots of planning done for the next year and I’m looking forward to working with the panel on lots of new and exciting projects".

If you fancy joining us on PGYP or would be interested in working with us then please call the Resident Involvement Team on 0300 111 0000 or email us.