Lessons Learned / Service Improvement’s

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group’s aim is to encourage a positive complaint handling culture.  We want to be accountable and transparent to our residents and we are committed to learning from our complaints.

Each time a formal complaint is received and investigated, as part of the response we will proactively look to identify lessons learned and service improvements to prevent similar complaints happening again.  Here are some real examples of service improvements identified 2020 – 2021 as a direct result of complaints.

  • We have developed a formal approach to reasonable adjustments and included this in the Complaints Policy;
  • We introduced the option for customers to access to an independent specialist third-party where communications may have broken down;
  • We have included a requirement in our Complaints Policy for managers to speak to the customer at Stage 1 of the complaints process as previously this was only required at Stage 2;
  • We now have a monthly review of live Right to Buy cases to identify any over 3 months to ensure they are progressed;
  • Following boiler installations we will ensure that the boxing in of pipework is checked and added to a snagging list;
  • We have amended our Notice to Quit procedure and developed a condolence letter for family members acting on behalf of deceased tenant.