Wythenshawe Police clamp down on off-road bikes

As the summer months approach, police in Wythenshawe are clamping down on off-road bikes.

Working alongside Willow Park Housing Trust, tenancy warnings will be issued to anybody found to be illegally riding an off-road bike and warning notices will be put up in areas that incidents have been taking place.

CCTV will be monitored and action will be taken against anybody flouting the law.

PCSO Louise Duffy said: “Aside from being dangerous, off-road bikes are incredibly noisy and cause nuisance to residents."

“In many instances these bikes are being ridden illegally without tax and insurance and we need your help to take them off the roads."

“If you know who is riding these bikes or where they are being stored then please contact the police on the new non-emergency number, 101. Alternatively, please ring the police anonymously on their Crimestoppers number - 0800 555 111.”

What does the machine require to be legally used on a road?

  • Must be registered
  • Must be taxed
  • Are subject to MOT regulations
  • Require a number plate and lights to be fitted

What requirements are placed on the rider for use on a road?

  • Must be over the age of 16-years-old
  • In most cases must wear a suitable crash helmet
  • Must hold a valid driving licence
  • Must hold appropriate certificate motor insurance

What are the consequences of failing to comply with the requirements

  • Possible court appearance for rider, owner and even parents
  • Possible fine
  • Possible endorsement on driving licence
  • Court costs
  • Bike may be confiscated and a fee will have to be paid before the machine is returned. In some instances the bike may be crushed.

Where can these machines be legally ridden?

  • On private land if the consent of the landowner is obtained
  • The bikes cannot be ridden on paths, verges or in public parks