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 Living Well
The pandemic and periods of lockdown will intensify many of the challenges already evidenced in parts of Wythenshawe including:
Physical and mental health inequalities
Educational outcomes
Skills attainment, low waged gig economy & worklessness
Poverty including childhood poverty, food and fuel poverty
Domestic abuse & community safety related issues
Adverse childhood experiences that impact on life opportunities and wellbeing
Addiction, problem gambling and drinking.
We anticipate that different parts of the Wythenshawe population will be affected differentially thus widening inequalities. Evidence also shows the pandemic has impacted harder areas of deprivation, high underlying health conditions, older populations and high population density.
We also recognise the pandemic has had, and may continue to have, some positive impacts. Examples include increased social cohesion, an increase in community spirit, a strengthening
of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, and people increasing exercise or eating better.
As a community anchor organisation we will (directly and working with or through partners) support our tenants and the community as best we can through the pandemic and the years that follow.
In particular we will provide support to all tenants who engage positively with us, and especially to vulnerable tenants, to create sustainable tenancies and homes.
In addition to our extensive BAU service delivery work we plan to:
Review how we deliver housing & community investment services so as
to target resources where we will have the greatest impact, for example to mitigate the outlined challenges. In carrying out these reviews we will prioritise pace over perfection, in line with our Guiding Principles (Appendix A)
Ensure the tenants’ voice, customer insight and aspirations of our tenants are captured and used to shape delivery of services (build on the NHF’s Together with Tenants programme) as we move into a ‘new normal’
Review our community assets and ensure we maximise outcomes and Value For Money in the ‘new normal’ environment
Review our service offer in various areas including domestic abuse & community safety, food related services, employment services and youth services provided by WCHG
Support partners in achieving health and education outcomes in Wythenshawe that address inequalities and allow tenants to reach their potential
Support tenants towards independence and to live well.
Strategic Theme Lead
Paul Seymour
Executive Director of Housing and Community Investment
Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan 11

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