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 Smarter Business
The choice of Smarter Business actions in the 2020-2022 Corporate Plan has been influenced by the priorities of 50+ service managers across the business. Collectively they have expressed a strong appetite for significant change and this is one reason why over half
the actions in the 2020 Corporate Plan support the Smarter Business Strategic Theme.
An overarching conclusion from service manager’s insights is the need for more investment to modernise the business infrastructure. By doing this we will improve the quality and value
of services to internal and external customers and improve our capability to be an attractive employer.
Whilst the pandemic has challenged what we do and how we do it, this period of accelerated change is also an opportunity to maintain the momentum and imagine what the new normal looks like. Our view is that reverting to previous ways of working would waste this opportunity for positive change.
Smarter Business actions in the Plan are categorised into five sub-themes:
Whilst the necessity for investment in all of these areas has been heightened by the impact of the pandemic, some areas warrant specific comment.
Agile working
We are rethinking our approach to how we work and the tools we work with. Providing effective practical and emotional support to an agile working staff team has become a necessary part of our culture. Since lockdown work has become what we deliver, not where we go. A workforce confident in agile working and resourced for success is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity to thrive.
Office utilisation
Our approach to using our commercial office space is under review. Our priority
is to provide flexible, safe (socially distanced if necessary) working conditions for staff and visitors who need to physically be in our office environment. Our timing is good as existing accepted models of modern, smart working office environments (e.g. hot desking, open plan, lots of communal shared space) must be revisited as a result of this pandemic and the potential ongoing restrictions.
Front line support
Additional investment in agile working technology, support systems and protective equipment is essential to provide our front line tenant and community facing staff with safe and supportive working conditions. This will continue to be a priority area for us alongside office utilisation.
Cultural change
The change in organisational culture to support a more flexible, collaborative and empowered way of working continues throughout this Plan. This transition has been significantly accelerated through our response to the pandemic and complements the implementation of actions by the Board and the Executive Team resulting from the 2019/20 Deloitte Review of Organisational Culture and Governance.
Insights from data
Our plans to improve data governance and supporting systems will enable us to develop our services efficiently and to proactively respond to changes in demand or need from our tenants (e.g. demographics, welfare and support needs).
We recognise that making significant investment in our infrastructure requires careful messaging given the pressing demands for greater spend on tenant facing front line services. Our core message is that these are ‘invest to save’ activities where future returns (financial, social, wellbeing) will support improved Value For Money across the business over the medium and longer term.
Strategic Theme Leads
Simon Morris
Executive Director of Finance
Shahida Latif-Haider
Interim Executive Director of Resources
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