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The Four Rs
Health Work from
Build back Better
& Safety Home
In response to these exceptional conditions, we have developed the four Rs model to help us describe and navigate a sequential four phase course through the pandemic period. The phases of Four Rs are;
Respond Refocus
Amongst other things this framework supports a corporate narrative about how we lead the business through the pandemic period, the characteristics
of each phase and the actions we are taking. This
is especially important for our staff whose trust and confidence we must continue to retain.
Clear messaging as we move through the Plan phases, supported by outcomes from Plan actions and BAU service delivery, also supports our continuing position as a leading organisation in south Manchester trusted by our other stakeholders.
Holding the four Rs in mind is not a Corporate Plan action, it is an approach to thinking about the context in which the business is operating and moving us through the two year Plan period and beyond. The move through each phase is a prompt to shift our thinking so that our leadership of the organisation remains forward focussed – eyes up working on the future of business, not just eyes down working in the detail of the business.
In the Four Rs Table at Appendix B we suggest some characteristics of each phase and our actions and behaviour, recognising that in practice these may move between phases or be superseded by others. They are also speculative in some cases – known unknowns – so are just a guide for now.
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