Page 16 - Wythenshawe 2020 Corporate Plan
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Corporate Plan Actions
At the base level of the Golden Thread are the 180+ or so Plan actions that colleagues across the business have identified as necessary to deliver against the high level strategic themes and hence our Purpose.
All of the Plan actions are contained in a detailed Plan workbook that will be maintained and updated as part of
the Group’s Covalent Performance Reporting system. Every Plan action is ‘Smart’ with clear outcomes, accountabilities, timescales etc. Progress will be reviewed every three months by Group Leadership Team and the actions updated to reflect progress as required.
A summary of the Corporate Plan actions is given at Appendix C. This shows for each strategic theme the activity or service focus and the specific area for review. Progress to deliver the Plan will be reported on a regular basis to the Board against each of these areas for review / improvement.
16 Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan

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