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Other high impact programmes
In this section we reference high impact programmes of work in the Plan which have not already been commented on.
self-serve with
24/7 safe, contactless access
Service Reviews and
Value For Money
Throughout the Plan period there are service reviews planned. The aim is
to consider both service effectiveness (are we doing the right thing?) and service efficiency (are we doing things right?). It is reasonable to assume that one impact of the pandemic will be a demand for greater support for tenants in some service areas. Outcomes from service reviews will inform revisions to the depth and breadth of the current service offer so that resources can be targeted where the need is greatest.
The revised April 2020 Business Plan includes an efficiency improvement to the operating margin of £2.3 million by 2025, the aim being to improve
the current low operating margins to a level more in line with sector peers and so improve our financial resilience. Service reviews are
The pandemic has highlighted
the necessity for organisations to
have a strong digital service offer. This is to support staff in their day to day service delivery away from the office, and to support customers to self-serve with 24/7 safe, contactless access to the services that are important to them and to us (e.g. paying rent). Self-service will never replace telephone / face to face contact for some customers but developing a strong digital offer that is reliable, trusted and used by customers is essential.
The pandemic accelerated the shift to telephone and online service delivery
and for many customers and staff this has been beneficial by reducing
key to this as is the
need to make choices
between expenditure
and income raising
options. Property services
for example is a very significant service area that will be reviewed in the plan period with an expectation of delivering financial savings.
efficiency improvement to the operating margin of
by 2025
face to face contact risks. We recognise that this will
have created barriers to some residents and so as we ‘build back better’ we will seek to minimise
these barriers.
Several projects will deliver some of the progress we need
to develop our capability in this area across the Smarter Business theme.
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