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 Community Centres
Prior to the pandemic, the Group
was providing a subsidy of c£500k
(in 2019/20) to our community centres (Lifestyle, Benchill, Bideford, and Enterprise). Since the pandemic, community usage has reduced
and financial performance has substantially worsened.
An ongoing subsidy above current planned levels from the Group is unlikely to be sustainable in the medium and longer term, especially as there will be a need to increase the resources
in other service areas, for example, tenancy support.
We will therefore review with partners the options for adapting the service offers that can be safely and sustainably delivered from our community centres with social distancing measures
in place.
There is an ongoing programme of work to support development of the organisational culture (‘how we do things around here’) moving to a more flexible, collaborative and trust based empowering culture.
There is also an ongoing programme of work to support improvements to the Governance of the Group including recruitment of new Board members to broaden the skills base and strengthen governance.
Group Consolidation
In March 2021 the Group will consolidate the current parent (WCHG) and two large RP trading subsidiaries (Parkway Green and Willow Park) into one organisation. This simplification will have governance, financial and cultural benefits.
18 Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan

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