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 Appendix B –
The Four Rs Model
Respond Refocus
R Phase
Period characterised by e.g.
Example of WCHG actions and behaviours
• 2nd / 3rd phases of current lockdown are enacted •
• But there is incomplete clarity about whether Government plans for ending the current
lockdown are sustainable and effective given the ongoing pandemic infection rate •
• More day to day / week to week predictability about short term
• But no certainty over medium / longer term
• Scale and impact of pandemic on people becomes clearer locally and nationally with evidence
Adaption to NWOW (New Ways Of Working) from home / on site / virtual – becomes normalised with routines and work patterns established to deliver services
Roll out of systems and technology solutions to support NWOW continues to enhance our capabilities & move to a digital offer for tenants
• Hard lockdown •
• Intense activity at pace •
• Unpredictability and rapid change •
• Many external change drivers
Remodel services to meet Government Rules Identify urgent needs of tenants, partners, staff
Change operating model with pace and agility – work from home, work with PPE, furlough
• Operational focus
• Escalation in requests for partnership working / resources
• Incomplete clarity on ‘rules & regulations’
• Shortages in materials e.g. Personal Protective Equipment
• Economic shutdown in many areas
• Increase pace of communication – keep staff on board
• Trust & empower staff to take decisions – what matters is what works
• Emotions running high – including fear (job / health / family / stress etc)
• High volume of partnership engagement & multiple requests for support / information e.g. locally; Manchester City Council / Manchester Housing Providers Partnership; Greater Manchester Combined Authority / Greater Manchester Housing Providers
• Best guess & judgement calls required in service delivery in absence of official guidance
• Revisions to budgets, plans etc and a shorter term focus on planning priorities
• Macro-economic consequences become clearer – • depth of recession and impact on unemployment, national finances
Recognise ongoing uncertainty – still can’t say ‘when this will be all over’ – and accept need for flexibility and agility in service redesign from week to week
• Boundaries of resilience in individuals, families, communities, partner institutions (including local authorities) are challenged and some will find it hard to adjust and remain resilient
• BUT – wherever possible reduce ambiguity and uncertainty for staff and others
• Identify mitigating actions to protect the business from financial viability risk in the light of evidence of the financial impact
• Deal with some of the service demand backlog and challenges from tenants not receiving a full service
• Start developing a revised Target Operating Model
20 Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan
• Start to consider the upsides and opportunities for the business including the practices we want to keep and those we don’t want to go back to
• Plan for emergence from hard lockdown and an increase in service scope / mobilisation

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