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 Appendix C –
Summary of Corporate Plan
Actions and reporting to Board
Progress to deliver the Plan will be reported to the Board against each of these areas for review / improvement.
Strategic Theme Lead – Andrea Lowman, Executive Director of Development
Activity or service focus
Development delivery
Area for review / improvement
• Development appraisal, reporting and approval process
• Financial assessment of Garden City Homes work streams • New opportunities resulting from Covid-19
• Market Rent Homes Assessment
• Deliver Development Strategy & pipeline home numbers
• Review new home standards and specification inclusive of Modern Method of Construction
• Pursue interest in new opportunities e.g. Wythenshawe Hospital; Town Centre
• Subsidiary Reporting
• Development Appraisal & Sales Systems • Operation of Development Committee
• Homeownership and Market Rent Policy Review
• V135 application and sales procedure
• Develop and promote Garden City Homes website and branding
• Quality of Marketing Reports
• Implement scheme and experience review process for new homes and sales
22 Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan

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