Page 24 - Wythenshawe 2020 Corporate Plan
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Strategic Theme Lead – Paul Butterworth, Executive Director of Assets.
Activity or service focus
Assets & Intelligence
Health & Safety Compliance
Low Carbon Agenda
Area for review / improvement
• Review and re-launch 3 year investment programme to accommodate impact of pandemic
• Data enabled Asset Management
• Identify poor performing assets and develop options appraisals
• Optimise stock performance through resource allocation and intervention programmes
• Embed Asset Performance model into the business • Review and consider smart building solutions
• Deliver programme of external material improvements to blocks
• Prepare and implement scope of Fire Safety Bill
• Implement Hackett & Grenfell enquiry recommendations
• Review and develop people structure to incorporate Building Safety Manager
• Develop residents’ voice in fire safety management
• Appraise & consider modern compliance monitoring system
• Review carbon reliance by asset groups & assess the cost of carbon standard
• Develop affordable low carbon interventions to poor performing assets
• Launch & communicate improvement programmes
• Leaver external low carbon funding opportunities into Wythenshawe • Review fleet and procure replacement
• Engage community into environment improvements
• Review & develop green & blue strategy
• Develop workforce
• Review partnership model with Manchester City Council on Grounds Maintenance Service
• Review and procure efficient materials supply to Wythenshawe Works
• Review & respond to impact from Homes for Human Habitation Act
• Review end to end service delivery model for repairs
• Review systems platform and processes for repairs planning and deployment
• Review approach to concessionary services to ensure Value For Money is obtained
Operating Model
24 Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan

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