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        Rebuild Relaunch
   R Phase Period characterised by e.g. Example of WCHG actions and behaviours
• There’s a clear and accepted national exit plan • from lockdown including an understanding of
Agile working becomes an accepted and welcome part of the new normal
what living in a ‘new normal’ society looks like
• This is supported by new treatments or vaccines for Covid-19
• We develop a longer term strategic plan with clarity about what our ‘new normal’ will look like for the business and tenants / the community
• However, end of lockdown will not spell a return
to the ‘old normal’ nor will it be universal •
• Many sectors and businesses signal permanent damage and will not recover – requiring ‘bail or • bust’ decisions by government
• Scale of economic and health impact becomes clear with long term structural changes in
industry sectors – some positive as well • as negative
• National conversation / inquiries into political management of the pandemic
• National spending priorities are re-examined
• There remains the potential for regions of the UK to resume full or partial lockdown
Complete implementation of the Target Operating Model
We have a reasonable understanding about the legacy impact in Wythenshawe and across the region and this is used to develop our strategic and service priorities
Our corporate narrative includes a focus
on the strength of our employment and investment offer in the area – directly and through supply chains (as well as our tenant and community offer)
This is the post pandemic period •
to respond
We implement our Strategic Plan with confidence it can be resourced and delivered
Our lessons learned experience from the previous phases (assumed = two year period) is used to refine what we do and how we work
We have the data and insight needed to target our resources to where it has maximum tenant / community impact
• The scale of the impact on Manchester Airport • and other local employers becomes clear
• Ditto impact on Manchester City Council and
this leads to a major revision in city priorities and their capability to deliver •
Relationships between Manchester housing providers and key partners are recalibrated to reflect significant changes in demand / need / resources / capabilities
We have made significant progress to deal with the backlog in service demand
• The impact of the pandemic on the economy, society and people will continue to be • far reaching
• National policies and plans are implemented to address the long term impact e.g. resourcing
the NHS; addressing growth in GDP (Gross • Domestic Product) and the Budget Deficit
• Economic recovery – national and international is well underway but at different pace in different countries
• Partnership arrangements are reviewed and the best of what worked are embedded into our ‘new normal’
• Our forward service planning reflects the pace at which we can safely work in asset investment / repairs in the new normal and we have to manage customer expectations to manage their demands and our ability
   Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan 21

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