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 Appendix A – Guiding Principles
Principles around the impact
of what we do – choosing between competing resources and actions
ü There are clear benefits for tenants, people and communities in Wythenshawe
ü Our work has a strong social impact that goes beyond ‘bricks and mortar’
ü Our work supports creating a positive ‘Brand Wythenshawe’
ü We are part of the solution to addressing the housing shortage and homelessness in Manchester
ü We offer ‘something for everyone’
Principles that support
how we work
ü Our work is guided by the voices of our customers and stakeholders
ü We understand what’s important to current and future tenants and how they exercise their voice
ü Our work adopts a strengths based approach and balances tenant rights with tenant responsibilities
ü We are clear about our current and future operating geography
ü We ‘get the basics right’ in the key areas of service delivery standards; environmental sustainability; financial viability and Value
for Money
ü We work in line with our values and culture
ü We invest in our staff
Principles that support effective strategy implementation
ü We regularly review our progress and priorities refreshing our strategy as appropriate
ü We aim for excellence but accept good enough
ü We are evidence based
ü We deliver strategic aims through
SMART actions
ü We use the LIFE (Lead Influence Follow Exit) model to position our role and allocate resources to services and work programmes
Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan 19

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