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Five People Principles for supporting our colleagues
All that we achieve for our customers and partners is only possible because of our c540 colleagues. Their daily examples
of dedication, skill and professionalism from across the business continues to
be inspirational. This is why supporting
the capacity and motivation of all of our colleagues to fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities is a key objective during these changing times.
The following five people principles guide our decision making and actions as we move through each of the four R Phases (see next section).
Health Work from & Safety Home
Health and Safety
Ensuring as best we can the health and safety of our staff, contractors and tenants. This in practice means carrying out full Covid-19 risk
Build back Better
Build Back Better
Returning to ‘as we were
before’ is neither likely to be
Change and uncertainty
possible, nor desirable. The assesRsmenstsp(wohicnh dwill be publisRheed)f, ocus Rebuild
circumstances etc) so we will
enabling social distancing, managing transmission risks, reinforcing cleaning protocols and reconfiguring office space and the flow of people around offices.
pandemic crisis is an opportunity to think radically about how we work, to build on the changes in
recent weeks that have worked well, to stop old ways of working that hold us
back culturally and practically, and to look for further improvement opportunities.
be flexible in our approach with colleagues to service and work transition.
Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan
Work from Home
Enabling colleagues to work from home if possible and reasonable to do so, and making the ongoing investment to support this as a positive long term shift.
Not just about where we work, agile is a mindset that has supported major changes across the business in condensed timescales as well as changing colleagues’ mindsets and empowering greater freedom in delivering services and outcomes.
impacts on people differently
depending on their personal
situation (health, family

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