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Strategic Themes
The Four Rs
Detailed Action and Outcomes
Executive Summary
This Corporate Plan sets out our actions over the period April 2020 to March 2022. These will build our long term resilience and capability and support our tenants and the wider community.
Later in 2020 we will extend our planning horizon to five years when we better understand the longer term needs of our tenants, the community and our business.
Wythenshawe is c (circa) 8 miles south from Manchester City Centre and is home to c79,000 residents. There
are many positive aspects to Wythenshawe which for many years has been improving as a place
to live and work. The positives must be balanced with the downsides, most notably relatively high levels of deprivation and lower life expectancies.
Wythenshawe Community
Housing Group is the largest
Manchester based housing
association responsible for
c13,700 properties providing a
home to c29,100 people – c37% of the
Wythenshawe community. Some 50% of our 540 staff live in Wythenshawe and 20% are also our tenants.
The Group has a critical role as a community based business that goes beyond
housing. In Wythenshawe we are
a major local employer, investor,
support provider and enabler, building on the strengths of local people, organisations and the wider community.
The impact of the pandemic is expected
to be significantly negative on Wythenshawe. In response to the changing needs of our tenants and the community we will rebalance our resources in partnership with others so as to have the most positive impact.
The Plan will be updated every three months with regular reporting to the Board on progress. Actions in the Plan are additional to our BAU (Business As Usual) service delivery.
The Group’s 30 year Business Plan shows a healthy financial performance as measured by the metrics of EBITDA (Earnings
Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation
and Amortization), liquidity and gearing. Relatively low debt levels enable a strong EBITDA to be achieved despite relatively low operating margins. The Plan includes
efficiency targets and supporting actions to improve margins. Unforeseen impacts from the pandemic are mitigated by flexibility in the timing of our investment spend and a strong cash balance supported by the Board’s policy to maintain a larger cash reserve.
The Plan’s Golden Thread links detailed actions with achievement of the Group’s purpose.
      The Group’s Purpose (Section 6) is ‘To create communities where people choose to live and work, having pride in their homes and services’. Purpose will be reviewed in 2020.
Guiding Principles (Section 6 and Appendix A) support selection and delivery of the Plan actions and cover
the impact of what we do, how we work and effective strategy implementation.
The heart of the Plan is four Strategic Themes (Section 7) each supported
with delivery pro
and actions.
Wythenshawe 2020-2022 Corporate Plan

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