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 More Homes
Great Places
Living Well
Smarter Business
MORE HOMES The Group will play an active part to address the shortage of affordable homes. Our Development Strategy resources the delivery of up to c200 new homes per annum across all tenure types but with an emphasis on affordable homes for rent.
In addition to more new Value For Money homes, key deliverables include improved scheme governance, appraisal and reporting systems and a more commercial sales and marketing service.
LIVING WELL Through a range of service reviews, engagement with residents and partners and community programmes, we will continue to support tenants and the wider community. We will build on Wythenshawe’s many strengths and as best we can mitigate existing challenges and the threats presented by the pandemic.
Key deliverables include a refocused suite of service offers informed by resident preferences; improved Value For Money for our Community Centres, Village 135 and other services; improved resident involvement and volunteering services and better use of customer insight to inform service delivery.
GREAT PLACES Service reviews and programmes of work balance the need for additional shorter term investment to improve the safety and amenity of our resident’s homes with a longer term focus on improving estate quality and optimising the performance of our property portfolio.
Key deliverables include an updated Asset Management Strategy and investment plan; a revised programme of health and safety compliance works post Hackett & Grenfell; a low carbon and sustainability strategy; and an operating model that delivers improved Value For Money.
SMARTER BUSINESS Organisational infrastructure, service, Value For Money and delivery capability will be improved through programmes across the key areas of Customer Contact; Culture and People; Data Governance; Service Design and Systems.
Key deliverables include a Digital First Service Delivery Strategy, Customer Access Strategy; a revised organisational purpose, values, behaviours and culture; a refreshed Board Membership and governance arrangements; a consolidated group structure; a revised People Strategy and modernised staff pay and conditions offer; with ongoing investment to improve our agile working capabilities.
Supporting the capacity and motivation of all of our colleagues to fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities is a key objective during these changing times. Five People
Principles guide our decision making and actions.
Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Work from Home
Work from Home
Build back Better
Build back Better
Agile Agile
Listening Listening
THE FOUR RS (Section 8 and Appendix B): Our four Rs model supports us in navigating through the pandemic period. It is an approach to thinking about the context in which the business is operating and proactively moving us through sequential phases of the two year plan period and beyond. The four Rs are;
Respond Refocus Rebuild Relaunch Respond Refocus Rebuild Relaunch
At the base level of the Golden Thread are the 180+ or so Plan actions that colleagues across the business have identified as necessary to deliver the four strategic themes and hence our Purpose. These are summarised at Appendix C.
Nick Horne
Group Chief Executive
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