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About Wythenshawe
Community Housing Group
Based in south Manchester, WCHG (Wythenshawe Community Housing Group) was formed when Willow
Park Housing Trust and Parkway Green Housing Trust came together in 2013 to create the largest Manchester based registered housing provider and one of the largest in Greater Manchester. We are now responsible for c13,700 properties, providing homes to people in an area originally known as Manchester’s Garden City.
Business metrics 2019
The area has a unique set of demographics: 45% of people in Wythenshawe are housed by us; 50%
of our staff live in Wythenshawe and almost 20% of staff are also our tenants. Wythenshawe is also a place of contrasts. On one hand it provides an attractive green and spacious environment that benefits from an immensely strong community spirit, excellent road, rail and air transport links, high numbers of local jobs and relatively affordable housing compared to neighbouring areas. On the other hand, parts of Wythenshawe have high levels of multiple deprivation.
This means we have a critical role to fulfil as a community based business that goes beyond housing. In Wythenshawe we are a major local employer, investor, support provider and enabler, building on the strengths of local people, organisations and the wider community. We have pioneered a successful, community focused approach to how we deliver our services and invest in our communities, and as a result we have high levels of tenant engagement and involvement.
Uncertainty created by the pandemic creates a challenging strategic environment. It prompts us to review our core purpose (why we exist) and how we can best deliver this to support our staff, our tenants, their communities and the local economy.
The pandemic presents significant challenges and navigating the next
two years may well be an unsettling experience. As a highly regarded and influential partner organisation with a robust business model, we are however well placed to overcome these challenges and deliver the positive progress
set out in this Plan.
£3,614 540 £1.6M
Investment in communities
Headline social housing costs per unit:
Employee numbers
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Regulatory Rating: Governance G1; Viability V1 (IDA – 2019)
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Customer satisfaction
86.3% Developments:
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