Page 20 - WCHG Social Impact Report Summary 2020
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 Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
Money and Resources
Financial inclusion £
Tenants facing financial hardship are supported through the provision of benefit and budgeting advice to help them maximise their income. This enables them to stay on top of their finances, including maintaining their rent payments.
Money Health Checks were provided to prospective tenants
tenants offered advice and guidance regarding
their move to Universal Credit
financial benefits gained on behalf of
        [My adviser] has been helping me on a very complicated issue relating to my rent and Universal Credit. I was having issues with
Thank you for all your help and all you have done. It means so much to me that you have helped me and the kids massively.
  my account leaving me in debt and desperate. He has been constantly reassuring and helpful, culminating in my issues being resolved. Without his help the desperation I was feeling was getting out of hand.
rental income generated through financial inclusion services

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