Page 23 - WCHG Social Impact Report Summary 2020
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When a tenant moves out we ensure the garden is ready for the new tenant;
Street cleansing team collected
visits to maintain communal grounds
Social Impact Report 2020
 We worked in partnership with Manchester City Council to maintain an attractive environment:
new trees planted
Supply chain partner: Astwood Design Consultancy
Our creative design agency responded to a request on Twitter from a local resident who was working with the local primary school, scout group and the Wythenshawe Waste Warriors
to keep Wythenshawe’s green spaces tidy. The new sign for the local park was designed by the children and digitised by Astwood so that it can be used on signs and posters.
square metres of grass cut
bags of waste
hours spent supporting community clean ups, tree planting and supporting local groups
  jobs completed
    Thank you, I’m blown away, it looks truly amazing! I can’t wait to share it with the children, school, eco club, scouts and Wythenshawe Waste Warriors. Thank you so much for helping and making this possible :)
Electric Van
Our first step to a green Wythenshawe Works is the addition of our first electric van.
There is a small carbon cost associated with the electricity needed to charge the van, but compared to a diesel or petrol fuelled vehicle the emissions are minimal.

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