Page 17 - WCHG Social Impact Report Summary 2020
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 27 year old Deebo Farah spent two
Social Impact Report 2020
weeks on site with Wilmott Dixon Construction’s plumbing contractor Parkers Plumbing
My favourite part was working closely with Steve and getting the opportunity to do some of the first fix works. This was a good experience.
people progressed to actively seeking employment, education or training
people started education or training
people improved their health and wellbeing leading
to better employability
Motiv8 provides one to one support to unemployed people across Greater Manchester to help them improve their lives and move closer to employment.
people supported by Motiv8 during the year, 111 were homeless
        The project supports people aged 25+ who
are less likely to gain employment due to homelessness, long-term unemployment, living with disabilities and health conditions, or drug and alcohol dependency. Support is also provided to people who are under-represented in the labour market.
The aim is to tackle the barriers that prevent people from accessing support with more opportunities for education and training, improved health and wellbeing services, better financial help and new programmes to build people’s confidence.
        Motiv8 is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.
It is being delivered by five housing providers working across Greater Manchester.
The team based at Wythenshawe Community Housing Group is providing support for people across Manchester.
people gained employment

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