Page 13 - WCHG Social Impact Report Summary 2020
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The Group leads a Wythenshawe-wide youth offer. Thanks to funding from Young Manchester and Manchester City Council, young people are able to get involved in youth clubs, sports and street based work.
sessions were run in local schools and
a further 84 delivered at the WOW Zone
Piper Hill
The WOW Project has been busy this term working with students from Piper Hill. We have been creating beautiful poster designs and learning about the principles and elements of graphic design. We have worked with 2 sixth form classes so far and they have been a delight to work with. Well done to all the students that completed our introduction to graphic design course!
children attended after school club
young people got involved in social action
new young people engaged this year
positive outcomes reported by 225 young people
hours were volunteered by 4 young people to support youth services
Manchester Health
The project delivered a successful 6-week course on tourism poster design with a group of year
9 students. The young people learned skills in photography, elements and principles of graphic design, photo editing, critical thinking, creative expression, communication and problem solving.
children and young people participated in creative educational projects delivered by the WOW Zone
Social Impact Report 2020

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