Page 14 - WCHG Social Impact Report Summary 2020
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 Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
Education and Skills Training and Education
A range of training and educational opportunities are available to local residents. The community centres offer training in IT, ESOL (English as a Second Language), digital inclusion and functional skills
(Maths and English).
Group courses and one to one support are available to people seeking employment. Specific training and advice is also available for business owners and entrepreneurs.
people attended training
Supply chain partner: Willmott Dixon Construction
60 pupils at Haveley Hey Primary participated in
a “Numbers at work” morning session with local businesses arranged by BW3. Willmott Dixon staff members went along to help the year 5 and 6 pupils gain an insight into just one of the many ways maths is used in the construction industry.
Each group of pupils were asked to work out the correct construction stages of a school building project before creating a programme of works for the actual build of the school. They used their maths knowledge to calculate: the number of days to build the school, how many operatives it would take to build the school and the total wages bill. Our staff members were impressed at the speed some of the pupils worked.

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