We have produced a report that evaluates the social value of activities delivered by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group in 2015-16.

We have continued to use the approach to measuring our social value adopted last year:

  • We use the HACT Wellbeing Valuation approach to measure the primary benefits of relevant activities on local residents.
  • We use data from the New Economy Manchester’s Unit Cost Database http://neweconomymanchester.com/stories/832-unit_cost_database and assessments completed for us by Baker Tilly to measure the secondary benefits of our activities – the wider public benefits and the saving to the public purse.

Further to the 2015 report we have continued to make progress:

  • extended the measurement of social impact from five to seven themes of work;
  • worked with HACT and other RPs to help develop and embed the HACT model, working towards a consistent and robust approach to measurement;
  • reviewed and developed our methodology to reflect increased knowledge and latest thinking on social value, including use of new data published by HACT on health impacts and relieving homelessness; and
  • contributed to a range of networks and forums to encourage organisations to adopt social value principles and practices.

Download the summary report and methodology below













Watch a short film about somene who benefited from our support: