Understanding Wythenshawe

We take pride in our role as a PlaceShaper organisation, operating throughout Wythenshawe to deliver on our purpose of providing good quality homes and services to our customers and playing a leading role in creating safer, healthier communities.

To achieve our purpose, we need to understand how Wythenshawe is evolving. Therefore, we have commissioned an external piece of research looking at how Wythenshawe and its communities have transformed between the last 2 censuses.

You can read the main findings in the flipbook below, and supporting information in the additional PDFs.

Appendix 2 Atlas of Local Conditions 2023 Tables (2)

Appendix 3 Atlas of Local Conditions 2023 Maps (1)

Appendix 4 WCHG Housing Management Data 2018 to 2022

Appendix 5 Initial assessments of statutory homelessness duties owed England, 2021-22