Value for Money

Value for Money (VFM) is key to WCHG with a 'Business Head and a Social Heart'.  We are committed to ensuring that all our services are delivered at the right time at the right price for our customers. As part of this, WCHG looks for opportunities to both improve services and reduce costs across the business.

This is delivered in partnership with tenants in order to ensure that it is the right thing to do and that savings are reinvested into services. In doing so the WCHG aims to improve the overall service provided to tenants and increase satisfaction. We work with a wide range of partners and stakeholders in order to ensure that every pound that is invested in Wythenshawe has the maximum impact.

The Group's VFM Strategy sets out its approach to delivering VFM in all the services that it provides. A copy is available here.

Take a look at our VFM Strategy update video and how we would like you to get involved by clicking here.

We welcome VFM suggestions from our customers, if you would like to submit a suggestion email us at or fill in our online form.

For more information please contact us on

0800 633 5500 (FREE FROM A LANDLINE)

0300 111 0000 (LOCAL RATE FROM A MOBILE)