WCHG have a team of Tenancy Management Co-ordinators who are happy to help you in maintaining your tenancy and property.

We aim to make Wythenshawe a place where people want to live and we expect you take pride in your home to help us achieve this.

We have listed some Frequently Asked Questions that should answer any queries you may have and these should also highlight your responsibility as a tenant.

If you would like to speak to us then please call 0800 633 5500 or you can contact us through our online form.

I have just moved into my new home and I have a repair:

If your repair is within 28 days of your tenancy start date then our Voids team will carry out this repair. You will find our void standards by clicking here. You can request the repair by contacting our Customer Service Team on 0800 633 5500.

If you are outside of the 28-day tenancy start date then please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 633 5500 who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

I need to report a general repair:

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 633 5500.

Please have details of your repair so the team can determine whether the repair is an Emergency, Urgent or a General day to day repair. You will be given a date and a convenient time for the repair to be carried out or for a surveyor to inspect.

Please note some repairs are deemed to be re-chargeable

When will I be charged for a repair?

When you signed for your tenancy the Tenancy Management Coordinator would have advised you that some repairs are re-chargeable. This is also highlighted in your tenancy agreement.

There are varying reasons why you would be re-charged, some examples of these are:

  • Lost Keys
  • Broken Windows
  • Damaged doors
  • Any potential damage that is not general wear and tear
  • Gardens
  • Rubbish Removal

These are some general ideas and not the only reason for recharging for a repair.

You will also incur costs if you to terminate your tenancy and do not leave the property (including loft space) and garden (including out buildings) clean and clear.

If you are a victim of crime and have a crime reference number please contact us on 0800 633 5500 as you may not be re-charged in these circumstances.

Gas Servicing:

It is a legal requirement that WCHG have a valid gas safety record for your address. We must enter your property every year whether you have a gas supply or not.

If you do not allow access then WCHG will commence legal action for entry and you will incur legal fees.

It is quick and easy to book a gas appointment by contacting us on 0161 946 6449 or 0161 946 9177 or email us via our online form.

Waste & Recycling:

It is your responsibility to keep the area you live clean and tidy.

You will of all been provided with bins or containers to dispose of general waste and recyclable waste when you signed for your tenancy, you can visit www.manchester.gov.uk to find a complete  list of what containers are collected on what date and also your collection day.

If you are unsure of what items to be place in the relevant bins you can find a full detailed list on the Manchester City Council website.

Bins or containers that are contaminated will not be collected. A notice will be put on your bin explaining why the waste has not been collected, you will be expected to remove the contaminated materials and present the bin on the next collection day. Alternatively, it can be taken to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

We encourage all tenants to register onto the Manchester City Council website as this will allow you to log any bulky waste collections, for example, sofas, fridges etc.  You are entitled to have 3 items collected free of charge per year, any subsequent collections you will be charged for.

You can request additional recycling bins through Manchester City Council, if your grey bin is damaged or stolen you are responsible for purchasing a new grey bin not WCHG.

Your local recycling centre is located on Longley Lane Sharston, for directions and opening times please visit www.recycleforgreatermanchester.com.

Fly Tipping and dumped waste:

If you notice any fly tipping or dumped waste in any communal areas this must be reported to Manchester City Council in the first instance, you can either report the dumped waste or fly tipping on their website www.manchester.gov.uk or by telephoning them on 0161 234 5004.

Your report will be logged and you will be provided with a reference number, they will aim to remove any fly tipping and dumped waste within 5 working days

Should you notice any bins or fly tipped waste on pedestrian paths this can be reported to Manchester City Council as an abandoned and they will aim to have the bin removed within 5 working days.

However, if you are noticing increased fly tipped waste throughout our Estate please contact us on 0800 633 5500 and we will look to target these areas and potentially re-charging the culprits.

Can I have a pet?

WCHG will allow you to have a pet and you will find the terms of this in your Tenancy Agreement. If your pet is deemed to cause a nuisance to your neighbours then we may ask you to rehome it. If you would like to speak to us about a pet then please contact Tenancy Management on 0800 633 5500.

You can not have any livestock and this includes chickens.

Pest Control:

If you have a report of any vermin, for example, rats, excessive flies in or around your property please contact us on 0800 633 5500 where we will assess and instruct our contractor to visit your address.

However, vermin are attracted by unkempt gardens and rubbish. If it is deemed that you are responsible for any form of infestation we will re-charge you for the call out and treatment.

If this continues then WCHG will enforce the tenancy agreement and commence legal action, where you will be charged legal fees.

Manchester City Council Responsibilities:

As your landlord WCHG will deal with most of your day to day enquiries. However, there are some issues that we are not responsible for and you will need to contact Manchester City Council directly, you can visit their webpage for further information by following this link:


Some examples of what is covered by MCC are:

  • Highways
  • Street Lighting
  • Garden Fires
  • Public footpath
  • Fly tipping
  • Drop kerbs/kerb parking
I want to request an aid or adaptation to my property:

Please contact our customer service team on 0800 633 5500, who will refer you to the or internal aids an adaptations team to see if we can assist you directly with your request.

However, please note that we cannot accommodate all requests and you may be referred to Manchester City Council who will assess your needs, you can find further information on www.manchester.gov.uk & search ‘adaptations’

I want to report a possible Sub-let or a Tenancy obtained by fraud:

We take reports of this extremely seriously.

If you believe that any one of our properties is being sub-let or if a tenancy has been obtained through fraud then please contact Tenancy Management on 0800 633 5500 or you can email your concerns to TMAdvice@wchg.org.uk if you are happy to provide your name and telephone number please state this on your email so we can contact you to discuss. Any information you share we will keep private and confidential.

I want to apply for a Garage:

WCHG do have some garages for rent in various sites across Wythenshawe. We operate this service on a waiting list. If you are interested in renting a garage from us please email TMAdvice@wchg.org.uk and include:

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Please put in the subject line – ‘Garage Request’

A member of the Team will contact you to discuss this with you.

Boundaries and Fencing:

You should not remove or replace boundaries without written permission from WCHG. Please note permission will not be given in all cases.

If your fencing/hedges are damaged then please contact WCHG on 0800 633 5500 where we will attend with our Investment Team and determine if new fencing is required or if we can repair the fencing in situ.

We do not remove healthy hedges and replace with fencing, we will look to repair the holes with mesh fencing to encourage the hedge to knit back together.

As part of your tenancy agreement WCHG are not responsible for rear fencing or boundaries – this is your responsibility as a tenant.

If you have up to 2 damaged fence panels these can be repaired/replaced by reporting a general repair.

If you live in a Cottage Flat our external areas are generally communal and there are no set boundaries between you and your neighbours. There may be instances where boundaries have naturally developed over time, if this is the case WCHG will not change this – the boundary is accepted as part of the tenancy agreement.


It is your responsibility to ensure your garden is maintained and kept clean and tidy. If you do not maintain your garden then WCHG will follow our garden enforcement policy.

This could result in legal action and WCHG obtaining an injunction, if you further breach the injunction then WCHG will instruct our solicitors to commence legal action against you, alternatively WCHG will re-charge you for the work to bring your garden back to standard.

If you are unable to maintain your garden due to ill health then you can apply for assisted gardening by clicking here. Not all applications will be successful as we have very strict criteria and capacity for this.

However, we do have tool hire based at our Benchill Community Centre and a group of volunteers who may be able to assist you. For more information on this please contact Resident Involvement on 0800 633 5500.

My Garden is flooding – what should I do?

The main reason for water logged gardens in Wythenshawe are the low lying land, a high water table and clay soil.  In periods of heavy rain certain areas and gardens will hold standing water until the water table reduces which then allows standing water to seep into the soil and drain away naturally.

Rain water usually drains in to water courses and when there is persistent heavy rain water logging will occur until the levels in these water courses drops.

Unfortunately this means that WCHG could not carry out any work improve on the drainage as there is nowhere for the access water to drain to.

WCHG would only attend if it was the actual drains to the property that were blocked.