Our Awards


- (Shortlisted) Garden City Homes - Scholars Fields



- (Shortlisted) Wythenshawe Games/Pride for Best Leading Live Event of the Year

- (Shortlisted) Faye Greaves for Individual Making A Difference in the Community

- (Shortlisted) Kirsty Taylor for Individual Making A Difference in the Community

- (Shortlisted) Lucy Marshall Emerging Talent Award

- (Shortlisted) Shannon Stone Emerging Talent Award


- (Shortlisted) Finance Professional of the Year - Jo Woodcock

- (Shortlisted) Improving the lives of women in Communities (large) - Wythenshawe SafeSpots

- (Shortlisted) Professional of the year (medium) - Christine Bogard

- (Shortlisted) Team of the year (frontline large) - Operation Cracker


- (Winner Gold) Village 135


- (Nominated) Community Focused Service/Product of the Year Award - Volunteering 4 Wythenshawe (V4W)

- (Winner) Inspirational Young Tenant of the Year - Lucy Marshall

- (Nominated) Team of the Year – WCHG’s Community Investment Team



- (Nominated) Platinum Employer of the year 250+

- (Nominated) Apprentice Employer of the year 500+

- (Nominated) Excellence in Social Responsibility 500+

- (Nominated) Excellence in the Third Sector 500+

- (Nominated) Leader of the year 500+ (Nigel Wilson)


- (Nominated) Most Innovative Home Ownership Solution

- (Nominated) Best Design

- (Nominated) Best Regeneration Project


- (Winner) Young Tenant of the Year - Shannon Stone


(Shortlisted) Customer experience award - (Village 135)

(Shortlisted) Inspirational Leader of the year  (Nigel Wilson)


(Shortlisted) Development Programme of the Year (WCHG Development portfolio 100 million spend 836 new homes)

(Shortlisted) Best Use of Off-Site Technology in Affordable Housing (Haveley Modular)

(Highly Commended) Resident Support/Advice Programme of the Year (PAW Team)

(Shortlisted) Best Resident Involvement Initiative (Real Benchill)

(Winner) Tenant of the Year (Kirsty Taylor)

(Shortlisted) Landlord of the Year (focus on Group and WINS Team)

(Winner) Supported/Sheltered Housing Scheme of the Year (Village 135)


(Winner) Best Independent Living Scheme - Village135


(Shortlisted) Community Focused Service/Product of the Year Award - Volunteering 4 Wythenshawe

(Winner) Excellence in Employment Skills & Training – Landlord - Employment & Enterprise Team

(Winner) Young Tenant of the Year - Shannon Stone

(Shortlisted) Tenant of the Year - Kirsty Taylor



(Shortlisted) Best Older People’s Housing Development - Village 135


(Winner) Best employer supported volunteering


- (Winner) Best Large Development - Village 135


- (Winner) National Excellence in Scrutiny Award


- (Shortlisted) Excellence in the Third Sector

- (Shortlisted) Excellence in Social Responsibility

- (Shortlisted) Excellence in Reward and Recognition

- (Shortlisted) Apprentice Employer of the year


- (Shortlisted) Best employer-supported volunteering


- (Winner) Excellence in the Tenant Engagement

- (Winner) Excellence in Tenant Scrutiny


- (Highly Commended) Leadership for an Organisation



- Excellence in Tenant Scrutiny Accreditation


- Innovation in Gas Safety
- Silver Award ‘Outstanding Performance, Customer Service and Technical competence

- Apprentice Employer of the Year Award



- (Winner) Most Effective Project in Improving the Lives of Women or Communities - Brenda Grixti


- (Shortlisted) Central Service Team of the Year - ICT team

- (Shortlisted) Central Service Team of the Year -  HR

- (Shortlisted) Board Member of the Year - Wyn Casey

- (Shortlisted) Lifetime Achievement Award - Wyn Casey

- (Shortlisted) Tenant Lifetime Contribution Award for tenant -  Eva Mulholland


- (Shortlisted) Best Tenant Support/Advice programme for Real Food Wythenshawe

- (Shortlisted) Best Tenant Employment/Training programme – Wythenshawe Futures

- (Shortlisted) Best Youth Engagement Project – Junior Wardens

- (Shortlisted) Best Repairs and Maintenance Scheme – Wythenshawe Works

- (Shortlisted) Best New Affordable Housing Scheme – Leybrook Apprentice Scheme

- (Shortlisted) Tenant of the Year – Eric Smith


- (Shortlisted) Gold Employer of the Year

- (Shortlisted) Excellence in Reward and Recognition


- (Shortlisted) Excellence In Co-Regulation ( Resident involvement & Scrutiny Review Group)

- (Shortlisted) Excellence In Youth Involvement (Junior Wardens)

- (Shortlisted) Excellence In Tenant Led Scrutiny (Scrutiny Review Group)

- (Shortlisted) Excellence In Community Action Award Richard Crossley Award (Bideford Centre)

- (Shortlisted) Excellence In Contractor Engagement Award (Metrolink Partnership)

- (Shortlisted) Tenant of The Year Cliff Whiteley Award (Eric Smith)


- (Shortlisted) Outstanding Development of the Year (up to 24 homes) -  Apprentice-built bungalows

- (Highly Commended) Empowering Communities -  Real Neighbours Project




- (Shortlisted) Best Community/Training Project to Rebuild Women’s Lives - Bernie Woodward

- (Shortlisted) Excellence in Career Development Model - Claire Bowes

- (Shortlisted) Best Project/Innovation - Jacqueline Naraynsingh , Real Food


- (Highly Commended)  Real Food Wythenshawe


- (Winner) Tenant of the Year - Eva Mullholland


- (Winner) Young Tenant of the Year - Faye Greaves

- (Shortlisted) Excellence in Co-regulation

- (Shortlisted) Tenant Involvement Officer of the Year

- (Shortlisted) Tenant of the Year


- (Shortlisted) Inspirational Board Member - Wyn Casey.

- (Shortlisted) Tenant Engagement Individual - Graham Heslin


- (Shortlisted) Campaign of the Year - Real Food Wythenshawe



- (Winner) Young Achiever Award - Victoria Mcdowell

- (Shortlisted) Best Marketer & Communications  - Rana Holland


- (Shortlisted) Green Futures Award - Real Food Wythenshawe


- (Runner up) Young Community Group-  ‘Youth Reborn’

- (Highly commended) Young Volunteer – Mark Hadrell & Sheryll Dyson,