Real Food Wythenshawe team nominated for Manchester ‘Be Proud’ Award!.

Real Food  Wythenshawe, the Big Lottery funded project managed by Wythenshawe Community  Housing Group to support local residents and community groups to grow, cook and  eat their own food, has been short listed for an Award at this year’s  Manchester ‘Be Proud’ Awards.

The team has  been nominated in the Green Futures category which celebrates people or  projects working at local level, leading by example and showing how we can all  help build sustainable, green communities for the future.

Since the launch  in March 2013, Real Food Wythenshawe, a £1million Lottery funded community food  programme, has been going from strength to strength. The project has come about  from the successful Real Lives Wythenshawe Campaign which was created to  challenge the outdated and negative images of the community of Wythenshawe.

The main aim  of this 5 Year Project is to inspire the people of Wythenshawe about the food  they eat, with a slogan of ‘Grow it. Cook it. Eat it!”  From plant to plate, the campaign, which is  lead by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, demonstrates that no matter what  your age, ability or how much time you have to spare, ‘Real Food’ is for  everyone.

A wide range  of projects includes the launch of a bio-system with The Manchester College to showcase modern indoor growing  techniques and demonstrate what sustainable food production can mean in an  urban setting; a programme to encourage people to grow their own food; and lots  of partnership work with horticultural centre and farm in Wythenshawe Park.

Jacqueline  Naraynsingh, Real Food Programme Manager for Wythenshawe Community Housing  Group said: “The team are delighted to  have been recognised for their work. This is such an interesting project and  there is so much enthusiasm for our messages that we really hope that we can  spread the word about the value of eating healthily and sustainably.  How we grow, cook and eat food is important  to us all, and this message is really getting out to the local people of  Wythenshawe.”

The Green  Futures category will be well represented by Wythenshawe, as the Real Food team  has also nominated the Darke family, who live in Northern Moor, and they have  been short listed for the same Award!

Jacqueline  explains; “The Darke Family are a self  sufficient family who grow their own food, make their own soap, brew their own  beer and design and create bespoke leather items including sporrans, bags and  purses.  They are a very kind and  generous family, always on hand to help others and a fantastic representation  of just what can be done.  They really  deserve to be recognised for all the brilliant work they have been doing over  the years.  So Real Food and the Darke  family are ‘Proud’ to be flying the flag for Wythenshawe!

The Awards  will be held on Friday, 29th November at Manchester Town Hall, so  fingers crossed for Wythenshawe!

Anyone wanting to find out more and  get involved with the Real Food Wythenshawe campaign should contact Jacqueline  Naraynsingh on 0161 946 7554.

Real Food Wythenshawe team nominated for Manchester ‘Be Proud’ Award!.