Community Development across Wythenshawe

Community Development Across Wythenshawe

Our Community Development team host community events around Wythenshawe and offer support and resources to residents. They can help with everything from forming community groups to connecting you with support services, coordinating events and assisting with grant applications.

Connecting Communities

The Community Connector is an informal and friendly way to network and share information with the Wythenshawe community. We’re usually joined by over 80 people at every event and see the high levels of engagement.

Our Community Connector themed events for 2024 so far:

  • January – ‘Age Friendly’
  • February – ‘Climate Change’ in partnership with the South Neighbourhood team from Manchester City Council. 20 organisations, groups and charities collaborated, each showcasing their eco-friendly initiatives.
  • April – ‘Cost of Living’
  • May – ‘Work, Skills and Volunteering’ on Wednesday 22nd May at Wythenshawe Forum, M22 5RX​
  • June - 'Health & Wellbeing' on Tuesday 18th June at The Message Trust, M22 4RG​

Follow us on social media for more information about upcoming Community Connectors and what else is happening locally.

Listening and Acting

We spoke to 1,944 residents as part of our Communitree campaign in 2022. It helped us understand the strengths and desires of the local community. There were three main themes you told us about.

You said:

  • Lack of places of worship for our Muslim community​
  • Not enough services for those who identify as LGBTQ+​
  • Not enough communication about community initiatives and events

We’re doing:

  • We’ve work closely with the Muslim community to start a Friday prayer session at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre. Wythenshawe Muslim Association now has a Masjid in Northenden.
  • We supported and hosted Pride in Wythenshawe 2023 to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and to inspire better connection and inclusion. It was a big success and 600 residents joined the party. Take a look at the photos.
  • We launched the Community Connector in 2023 to promote initiatives and groups to professionals, volunteers and residents who want to get involved locally. We hosted 10 Community Connector events in 2023 with another 10 in 2024.

Read the full report and results from the Communitree campaign below. You can also download it here.

Supporting Our Community

If you want help or advice, we can help you by:

  • Constituting your community groups
  • Signposting to support services​
  • Connecting your group or initiative with others​
  • Supporting your grant applications and funding bids​
  • Coordinating, promoting and supporting your community events​
  • Coordinating training for your community group

Meet the Team

Headshot photograph of Shannon Fitzgerald
Shannon Fitzgerald, Lead Community Development Coordinator
Headshot photograph of Mohamad Qureshi
Mohamad Qureshi, Community Development Coordinator
Headshot photograph of Flo Cummins
Flo Cummins,
Community Development Coordinator














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