Another Successful Partnership in Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) repairs service is proud to be working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), Fire and Ambulance Service to help provide ‘Method of Entry’ training.

WCHG’s in house repairs service ‘Wythenshawe Works’ have been working with GMP’s training provider to help reduce the costs associated with forced entry into properties that have been flagged with criminal activity and safeguarding concerns.

Previous methods of entry included the use of battering rams but as doors and locks have become more sophisticated so has the need to see significant reduction in costs associated with forced entry.

Training consists of conducting lock changes and the use of ‘Lock Snapper Kits’ which has not only reduced the hazards associated with members of the workforce, increasing their safety, but enforcing Lock pulling techniques.

A Lock Snapper Kit is now left with WCHG’s 24hr CCTV team for Police to utilise in the event they need to gain access in emergency situations for both criminal and duty of care situations.

Head of GMP Specialist Training, Anthony Hughes said “The support that WCHG have provided us, especially around ‘Lock Pulling’ techniques, is invaluable. It is no exaggeration to say that this will undoubtedly keep Police officers safe and in turn support GMP in protecting the communities of Manchester. It will also reduce the burden on the public purse, as the tax payer will no longer need to replace the smashed doors”.

Group Chief Executive of WCHG Nigel Wilson said, “Partnership working is vital to everything that we do here in Wythenshawe. I’m delighted we have been involved in this training as it encourages and grows a more joined up approach to working across the area, it also in turn is contributing to efficiencies and safer working environment in volatile situations.”

Another Successful Partnership in Wythenshawe