Bishop of Manchester Dr David Walker Visits the Manchester Enterprise Academy

The Bishop of Manchester Dr David Walker visited the Manchester Enterprise Academy to meet the students that have benefited from Wythenshawe Community Housing Groups (WCHG) bursary donation.

The bursary donation will support 14 students in their first year of university, which will leave a lasting legacy for the residents of Wythenshawe.

The Bishop of Manchester said, “Education really matters to the life chances of young people growing up in Wythenshawe. WCHG’s commitment to our partnership with Manchester Enterprise Academy enables us to support and encourage teenagers to both hold and reach high ambitions. It’s particularly impressive to meet with those hoping to go on directly to university and to be able to offer them some practical assistance through our bursary scheme“Bishop MEA 2

James Eldon Principal of the Manchester Enterprise Academy said, “'We were thrilled to get the chance to thank the new Chair of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, Rt Reverend David Walker Bishop of Manchester, for the support MEA is given by the Housing group. WCHG have sponsored 14 of our students through their transition to University and the students expressed their thanks for this much needed assistance to the Bishop. All of the students are first generation under-graduates and they articulated to our guests which degree they are hoping to study and their preferred pathway upon graduating. This commitment to transforming student outcomes is key to MEA's vision of 'a fantastic future for all' and the support of WCHG, as a key member of our Trust Board, is critical to delivering this vision. The Bishop was very supportive of what we are trying to achieve and how important it is we continue to work hard together to support the continued development of Wythenshawe.'

Student Bethany Doolan said, 'It is fair to say I have been on a journey during my time at MEA. Whilst in school I faced some difficult challenges and was at one time in danger of dropping out of the system. I am also a mum and that responsibility means I have worked hard to find time for my studies. I have grabbed the opportunities available in MEA's 6th form and am now hoping to go and study for a degree so I can become an early year’s teacher. The support from Wythenshawe Community Housing Group will make the transformation to University a bit easier and I am really grateful that they are supporting me to achieve my ambition. It has been a difficult journey at times to get to this point but I could have only made this step with the support of MEA's 6th Form and WCHG.'



Bishop of Manchester Dr David Walker Visits the Manchester Enterprise Academy