Calling all Wythenshawe Young People aged 11-19

If you are aged 11- 19 years then this invite is for you

We want you to VOTE on the best project ideas for Wythenshawe, at the event,which takes place on the 24th February at the Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, don’t leave it to the adults to make decisions on the things you want to get involved in.

The event is being run by the Withy Tree Youth Bank (WTYB),  a newly formed group being run by young people aged 13 to 19 with the support of WCHG's Youth Involvement team.

The group of young people have come together to improve young people’s participation and involvement in things to do and places to go. This exciting opportunity enables Young People to commission £5000 to fund youth projects across Wythenshawe, one of grants will provide activities aimed at reducing antisocial behaviour .

To find out more contact the Youth Involvement Team on at

Wythy Tree Youth Bank