City Nature Challenge! This Weekend!

Looking for a pleasant and rewarding distraction in challenging times? Look no further than this weekends.

It is more important than ever to celebrate and embrace Nature..  especially in our gardens, yards and on our balconys, and from a socially appropriate distance of course.

City Nature Challenge is  all about recording the Nature on your doorstep,  in a race against other Cities from around the world ( Lets face it - we have to beat Liverpool at something this year, so this could be our one and only chance.)

And there is even a snazzy app which helps you to identify the leaf/flower/bird/insect/tree/thing you see.

This is called  the inaturalist App and can be easily downloaded onto your phone.

So just:

Find it

Snap it

Share it

This is a global project, celebrating all that's good about Nature, so please get involved, and spread the word.


City Nature Challenge! This Weekend!