Coronavirus Useful Links

Greater Manchester is currently a Coronavirus Enhanced Response Area. Here are some links you may find useful during this time.

Introducing VaccChat the guide to accurate Covid-19 vaccine information - Not everything people say about the coronavirus vaccine is true, so it’s good to know the facts. Introducing VaccChat, the definitive guide to your Covid-19 vaccination. Find out more 👉

Help Stop the spread – Get tested twice a week -

Get vaccinated if you are eligible - If you are aged 18+ you can book your Covid-19 vaccination from the end of this week. Vaccines reduce chances of hospitalisation by 85%. Remember it is vital to go for your 2nd dose too! Call 119 or go online to book your jab -

Reporting Rapid testing results - Whatever your rapid Covid-19 test result, let us know straight away. If people only report positive results, virus case levels look higher than they are. Remember, you've only completed your test when you've told us the result -

Remember hands, face, space and fresh air - Meeting up with friends? It's safest to stay outdoors. Being out in the fresh air is safer, because it helps to blow COVID-19 particles away.

Coronavirus Useful Links