Customer Experience Review

We are currently conducting a ‘Customer Experience’ review on how we deliver our services, and need your input to learn what is working and to identify opportunities of how we can improve.

We have appointed an organisation called ‘Acuity’, a research company to support us on this journey. Between the 21st June and 8th July 21 ‘Acuity’ will be contacting up to 1000 of our customers by telephone to complete a survey. The survey will last no longer than ten minutes to complete.

There will be an opportunity to opt out of the survey, however we encourage all our customers to take part, to help us understand as much as we can about the services we deliver, to provide you with a better customer experience. Your feedback is essential to how we improve.

All information that is gathered will be treated with the strictest of confidence. The survey results will be anonymised unless you give permission for Acuity to share your information with us. For information on our privacy statement please click on this link - Privacy Notice - WCHG

If you would like to discuss any details of our ‘Privacy Notice’ please contact For further information about this review, please contact us at WCHG - Contact Us or speak to the team direct

Customer Experience Review