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Welcome to CX Chat where we share insights from the latest WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is a place where customers and Group Board members come together to voice their opinions on the subjects that matter to them most. Here are the highlights from the latest session.

New customer insight framework

A new framework is being developed to help provide an overview of customer satisfaction and experience, alongside frontline service performance. The CXC will assess this information at each future meeting to gain a deeper understanding of any issues so they can respond accordingly – something they feel is important for customers to be aware of.

Customer complaints review

A review of complaint responses has revealed some encouraging results. The Scrutiny Group - made up of tenants - concluded complaint handling was generally high quality. They remarked managers are listening to their customers and responding with respect and empathy.

However, there are also some important improvements required. These recommendations included ensuring there is better evidence of conversations with the customer and improving the quality of some responses. The CX Committee asked the Scrutiny Group to undertake an additional review in the next few months to check whether the recommendations had been implemented.

Annual allocations review

A review on how properties have been allocated over the last 12 months revealed demand remains high, with 95% of lettings going to applicants only in the highest housing need (Band 1 or Band 2).

After hearing more than 300 older couples or single tenants are living in three-bedroom houses – the highest in demand – CXC felt we could use our homes more efficiently. The CXC noted £1 million is being spent each year on adapting homes to make them suitable for older and disabled customers. CXC asked the Development Committee to take this into account when looking at appraisals for bungalows. Bungalows are the property type most requested by older customers living in houses, although there are only around 20 available each year.

The review’s findings will be considered when the allocations policy is reviewed this autumn.

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