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Welcome to CX Chat where we share insights from the latest WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is a place where customers and Group Board members come together to voice their opinions on the subjects that matter to them most. Here are the highlights from the latest session.

Setting WCHG priorities for the next 3-10 years

The CXC heard feedback from almost 4,000 tenants and Wythenshawe residents who got involved in surveys and focus groups. Customers have been telling us how Wythenshawe Community Housing Group should prioritise its work and investments over the next 3 years. The committee learned:

  • Repairs continue to be the most important service for our tenants. Tenants would like to see WCHG investing in delivering repairs more quickly and being able to book them online
  • More tenants and leaseholders than ever say they would like WCHG to do more to improve the energy efficiency of their homes
  • People love living in Wythenshawe for its green spaces and sense of community. It’s important we continue to invest in maintaining trees and green spaces
  • Having a town centre to be proud of is important with more shopping opportunities, more homes and more things to do in the evening
  • Some residents need to see WCHG and Greater Manchester Police do more to reduce anti-social behaviour in their local area
  • People want to see more youth clubs and things for young people to do in Wythenshawe

This information will set the direction of the new Corporate Plan and the next 10 years of our work. The Corporate Plan will be considered by WCHG’s Board in November.

Cost of living crisis

The CXC discussed the urgent impact of the cost of living crisis for our tenants and residents. Food and energy prices going up has left many people without money at the end of the month. The CXC discussed a new Living Well Fund at a previous meeting. Members heard how this fund has been implemented and is already making a difference to local community groups and individuals. If you are struggling financially, you can call us on 0300 111 0000 to get support and advice as well as access the Living Well Fund. Any WCHG colleague can assist with accessing the fund, and colleagues in the Rents team or Locality Officers are available to assist tenants requiring help.

Living Well Panel

CXC members heard from the Chair of the Living Well Panel. The Living Well Panel is a group of tenant volunteers who advise WCHG on all matters related to what WCHG can do to help tenants live well in their homes. This includes everything from our anti-social behaviour and financial inclusion work to our community centres and support for local communities. If you would like to get involved in the Living Well Panel or find out about how you can make your voice heard contact us on We’d love to hear from you!

CX Chat