CX Chat January 2024

Welcome to this month's CX Chat, where we're sharing what we learned at our recent WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is where tenants and Group Board members have their say on important matters. Leanne Todd, member of the CXC talks us through the highlights from the latest session.

"Hi, I'm Leanne. I’m a tenant, part of the CXC and also the WCHG Group Board. I wanted to get involved as much as I could to help make sure issues that matter most to tenants are considered by the WCHG Board.

Our priorities for 2024/25

At our Customer Experience Committee meeting we set our priorities from April 2024. We will:

  • Track progress on the handling of Community Safety – is WCHG delivering the plan we agreed with them?
  • Continue to improve how tenants are kept informed about things that matter to them, like texting when a repairs operative is on the way.
  • Further improve how WCHG deals with complaints.
  • Make sure customer satisfaction with the repairs service stays high during the systems changes planned for 2024.

Making a difference

We thanked the tenant-led Scrutiny Group for all the work they completed in 2023. This included reviewing the Customer Hub, and recommending the average wait time for a customer on the phone is no more than 5 minutes. I’m delighted to say, WCHG has managed to stick to this since the recommendation was made. The group also reviewed the approach to damp and mould, and made recommendations about checking with customers after the work has been completed. This is to make sure the customer is satisfied the problem has been solved. The Scrutiny Group meets every month and makes a difference to how WCHG delivers its services. If you’re a tenant and interested in finding out more about the Scrutiny Group, we’d love to hear from you. Email us on

Staff attitudes and knowledge

We looked at plans being introduced to make sure WCHG’s staff all have the right attitude and knowledge to be able to provide a good service to customers. We noted qualifications are important, but it’s more about how staff act that makes a difference to customers. One of our members summed it up, ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’.”

CX Chat January 2023