CX Chat March 2023

Welcome to CX Chat March 2023 where we share insights from the latest WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is where customers and Group Board members come together to voice their opinions on the subjects that matter to them most. Here are the highlights from the latest session.

Tenant Satisfaction Measure Survey

CXC reviewed the findings of the trial Tenant Satisfaction Measure survey and noted poor performance in two areas. First was informal complaint resolution satisfaction levels, and second, was the handling of reports of anti-social behaviour. CXC asked for an action plan to improve this performance and will monitor the implementation of these actions.

Hoarding Policy

A new Hoarding Policy has been approved by CXC that will provide additional support for people dealing with hoarding. The Committee recognises hoarding as a mental health condition that has serious consequences for everyone impacted.

Work of the Scrutiny Group

CXC has set its work plan for the year and has also approved the Scrutiny Group work plan. The Scrutiny Group is a customer-based group that chooses service areas to review. They feedback recommendations for improvements to CXC. Working together, CXC and the Scrutiny Group aim to identify and improve areas that need to evolve to make the customer experience better.

CXC Effectiveness Recommendations

CXC asked an independent organisation, Campbell Tickell, to review its effectiveness in its first year of operation. The report concluded the Committee made good progress and provided recommendations for making its work even more impactful. One suggestion is to focus on developing its links with customers and to make sure the Committee hears their views on a range of issues.

Get Involved

Tenants, leaseholders and shared owners are now members of CXC. If customers want to have their voices heard, they can get involved with a range of panels and scrutiny activities. Email for more information.

Future meetings

At future meetings CXC will consider topics such as:

  • How easy it is for customers to contact WCHG?
  • How can WCHG best help keep communities safe?
  • What more can WCHG do to communicate well with its customers?

Register on our Have Your Say website to get notifications on customer consultations and let us know your views.

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