CX Chat May 2023

Welcome to CX Chat May 2023, where we’re sharing highlights from the May WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is where customers and Group Board members come together to voice their opinions on the subjects that matter to them most. At this meeting the main focus was “Quality”, specifically providing good quality homes.

Empty Homes Policy

In the past few weeks CXC members reviewed our Empty Homes Policy. It lets new customers know what they can expect when moving into their new home. Several improvements have been made to the policy, including:

  • Reducing customer energy bills. We’re further improving the standard of insulation and replacing any fluorescent bulbs with low energy ones in homes that become empty. The improvements mean we’re helping reduce energy costs for customers.
  • Reducing humidity that can create growing conditions for mould. We’re investing in modern low-energy, automatic humidity-detecting fans to be fitted in all kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The option to keep improvements made by the previous customer. New customers will have the option to keep any good-quality items, floor coverings, fitted wardrobes, upgraded bathrooms, kitchens and garden features installed by the previous customer.

The CXC reviewed if the improvements agreed at its September meeting have been effective in making sure homes are free from damp and mould. We now have a new Damp and Mould Policy that makes it clear we have a zero tolerance approach to damp and mould in homes. The CXC saw evidence of a more proactive approach of following up with customers who have had damp and mould to check it hasn’t reoccurred. There was also an improvement in support for customers, such as additional training for surveyors and a new information leaflet. A video to provide customers with advice and support will soon be available.

The CXC heard how the new mould eradication team attended about 40 homes every week. Where mould was present in more than one room, a specialist attended within 48 hours. This happened 120 times. In 18% of homes that had experienced damp and mould, another visit was required to investigate further and resolve the issue. As a result of the tragic death of two-year old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale, demand for materials such as fans, insulated plasterboard and mould shield paint has increased. It has also been more difficult to find additional specialist contractors who can help. This resulted in increased waiting times for customers.


The CXC spent a long time reviewing our learnings from customer complaints over the last 12months. A group of customers, the Scrutiny Group, reported on a recent review they’d done of all Stage 2 complaint responses. Members noted both compliance with policy and quality of responses was good. CXC have been concerned not all reports of customer dissatisfaction was being recorded. In this meeting, members reviewed and approved an action plan to encourage customers to let us know when things go wrong. We’re also providing extra support for colleagues to ensure complaints are welcomed, recorded and actioned quickly. Thanks to every customer who takes the time to let us know something isn’t right, giving us a chance to make it right. Complaints have also helped us improve the way we do things. In the last year this has included:

You said

Our roofing contractor was removing old tiles before the arrival of new ones. It was reported they weren’t clearing pathways of debris as quickly they could have.

We’re doing

Our roofing contractor will now only remove roof tiles when the new tiles are delivered. Also, a new record was introduced and is signed every day by the roofing team to ensure pathways and gardens are clear of debris.

You said

A customer reported they hadn’t been consulted with by us when we approved their neighbour’s garden alterations.

We’re doing

We make sure consultation with all affected neighbours takes place. This will now be a requirement prior to any approval.

Future meetings

At future meetings CXC will consider topics such as:

  • How can we help keep communities safe?
  • What more can we do to communicate well with our customers?

Get Involved

If you’re a tenant, leaseholder or shared owner, do you want to have your voice heard? You can get involved with a range of panels and scrutiny activities. Please email, for more information.

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