CX Chat November 2023

Welcome to this month's CX Chat, where we're sharing what we learned at our recent WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is where tenants and Group Board members have their say on important matters. Stacey Garrity, member of the CXC talks us through the highlights from the latest session.

Stacey Garrity, member of the Customer Experience Committee."Hi, I'm Stacey. I've been a CXC member since it began in January 2022. The committee works hard to put the residents, including shared owners and leaseholders, are at the forefront of everything that happens at WCHG. We have already brought in many positive changes and we will continue to make sure everything WCHG does, is in the best interest of its residents.

Involving customers in decision making

Thank you to everyone who took part in the review of how WCHG involves customers in decision making. The first thing you told WCHG was, the term ‘Customer Engagement’ doesn’t make much sense to you and the term ‘Resident Involvement’ made a bit more sense. So, the first change is the new strategy is called, the Resident Involvement Strategy. Read the Resident Involvement Strategy and if you’d like to get involved, email You can also call WCHG on 0800 633 5500.

Damp and mould review

Our fantastic tenant group, the Scrutiny Group, produced another excellent report this month. The damp and mould report investigated if WCHG deliver a person-centred approach, or not. Read the full report, its findings and recommendations. The recommendations were approved by us, the CXC, and we’ll oversee their implementation to make sure they happen.

Community safety action plan

Finally, I wanted to update you that we approved the action plan for how WCHG is going to improve its handling of anti-social behaviour. This is the last part of an extensive review CXC has been overseeing this year. Look out for our further updates when we check in on how the team is progressing in delivering these actions.”

CX Chat January 2023
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