CX Chat September 2023

Welcome to this month's CX Chat, where we're sharing what we learned at our recent WCHG Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meeting. CXC is where tenants and Group Board members have their say on important matters. Janet Papworth, Vice Chair of CXC talks us through the highlights from the latest session.


"Hello! Having been involved with CXC from the start, I believe we’re really making a difference. Through our work, we listen to WCHG then make decisions for tenants.  If you want to learn more about what CXC is working on, or want to join us, please email me at"



Community Safety Review

Earlier this year, the Customer Experience Committee asked an independent organization called Resolve to look at WCHG's anti-social behaviour and community safety services. Our committee members wanted to know how well the service is working and how it can be improved. The findings were talked about in the committee.

The review found that WCHG's services are high in quality. They cover a wide range of areas, including addressing anti-social behaviour, supporting victims, and organizing activities for young people. The committee heard that because of the review, some changes have already been carried out, such as the introduction of a new hate crime policy.

On October 10th, the committee will review the full report and a detailed action plan. We want to thank tenants who shared their experiences with the Community Safety service to help make it better.

Communal cleaning and grass-cutting

The tenant-led Scrutiny Group shared their latest findings. Over the Summer, tenants have been out and about in our high-rise blocks and green spaces looking at the quality of the cleaning and grass cutting. They found that these services are generally good and give value for money. However, tenants are sometimes unhappy with the quality and are unsure about who is responsible for what between WCHG and MCC.

The Scrutiny Group also said tenants should be involved in these services, especially through surveys to get their feedback. They found that the calculations for service charges are fair and easy to understand.  However, WCHG need to improve how this is explained to tenants. The Customer Experience Committee approved four suggestions for changes and asked that progress be reported back.

Customer group success

The Committee celebrated a win from the Scrutiny Group! Remember when they suggested that we aim to keep call waiting times under 5 minutes? Well, we're happy to report that WCHG have achieved this goal for four consecutive months. This means tenants haven't had to wait as long on the phone to talk. WCHG are also working on improving the customer app for those who prefer not to wait on the phone at all. Stay tuned for updates!

How WCHG listens to customers

The Customer Experience Committee is looking at how WCHG involves and responds to tenants’ opinions. We want to know if customer panels are effective. If you have thoughts or want to get involved, please email Additionally, local resident groups regularly talk about local matters. You can learn more about your local group here:

  • Newall Green TARA, chaired by Kyle Dodd, meets 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm Newall Green TARA | Facebook.
  • Crossacres & Peel Hall TARA, chaired by Mike Dolan, 3rd Thursday of every month at 6pm Crossacres and Peel Hall Tenants and Residents Association | Facebook.
  • Brooklands TARA, chaired by Erica Thompson, meets 1st Monday of every month BROOKLANDS TARA GROUP | Facebook.
  • Royle Green (Northenden and Westview) TARA, chaired by Steve Thompson, meets 3rd Monday of every month at 7.30pm.

Repairs satisfaction

If something has been fixed in your home, and WCHG have your mobile number, you'll get a text survey to rate the repair. The CX Committee is happy to see that satisfaction scores are rising.  WCHG are getting better at telling you when workers will arrive. Thanks to everyone who filled out the surveys, and please keep giving us your honest thoughts. It helps WCHG improve even more!


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