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Welcome to CX Chat, your round-up of major points discussed at WCHG’s Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meetings.

The purpose of the CXC is to ensure stronger tenant and leaseholder voices in WCHG decision-making. Officially part of the governance structure, CXC is a group of customers and Group Board members.

CXC meets every two months and CX Chat aims to summarise the key areas covered by the meeting, keeping customers informed in an easy-to-digest format.

Community Safety Strategy and Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

The committee heard an update on WCHG’s approach to community safety. The number of residents concerned by noise nuisance has risen nationwide since the pandemic, with all of us spending more time at home. WCHG has been offering early support to tenants so that they feel able to contact neighbours and listen to each other’s views. The committee heard that this has received positive feedback from customers. Reassuringly, the number of anti-social behaviour cases remains low across Wythenshawe. Further advice on this and on resolving a problem with your neighbour is available on the WCHG website.

Damp and mould

The committee heard how the Housing Ombudsman has said that issues with damp and mould in UK social housing properties should not be considered to be a result of customers’ lifestyles. WCHG has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to damp and mould and also aims to be proactive in relation to the issue. One example of this is gas engineers talking to customers during their annual visit and helping customers to report any issues with their home. The committee heard how rising fuel costs may lead to less heating and less ventilation, which are known contributors to causing damp and mould, and that WCHG is offering support for residents concerned about fuel poverty. More advice is available on our website or contact us on 0300 111 0000.

Customer segmentation

The committee heard that WCHG has data on a majority of customers but the organisation is considering how it can better utilise such data to improve and tailor its services to customers, e.g. knowing how tenants prefer to receive communications or understanding which customers may need to access financial support. The committee agreed that understanding our customers better could help improve the customer experience. However the committee cautioned that staff should only have access to relevant information, treat tenants as individuals and avoid stereotyping.

Communicating the work of CXC

The committee is working with the WCHG Communications Team to ensure that tenants are aware of how to be part of decision-making at WCHG, as well as making sure customers can hear about the work of the committee in representing their voices. During the meeting the various available channels of communication were discussed, including social media and the WCHG website. These platforms will be utilised to ensure the committee is visible to customers, understands their views and is transparent about the decisions it makes. For more information see the WCHG news story.



CX Chat